This is a (false colour) white light image of the Sun (2004.09.07 ~14:00UTC).

Mandatory PC Health Warning: Viewing the Sun with the naked eye may cause permanent eye damage and blindness. Observing the Sun through binoculars, telescopes etc. will burn a hole through your eyeball and out the back of your head before you can scream 'ARGHH! I'M BLIND!?', and may also cause permanent eye damage and blindness. Don't look at the Sun. Look at the Moon instead, it's much more interesting anyway.

Camera Canon EOS10D
Optics Baader Atro-Solar Film, Orion Optics 300mm f4 Newtonian, Televue Paracorr
Processing 8 images stacked, RL deconvolution, false colour image constructed from the Green channel only.

Updated 21/12/05 - (c)2005 Stephen Brookes